Downhill / Enduro

Exclusive Trails Loose

Exclusive Trails Loose

Option 1

Open flowy trail with berms, switchbacks and jumps for all kinds of riding skills. Nice and quick uplifts with amazing views of Málaga.

  • Level: Medium
  • Trail duration: 5 minutes approx
  • vertical descent: 150 m

Option 2

Lots of flow with natural terrain.

  • Level: Easy
  • Trail duration 4 minutes approx
  • Vertical descent: 220m

Option 3

Mountain terrain with natural rock gardens and forest, with two trails to choose from at the same uplift.

  • Level: Hard
  • Trail duration: 3,4 minutes approx
  • Vertical descent 250m

Option 4

Enduro trails: perfect for riding enduro and smashing laps, with 22 different trails to choose from fast, flowing and technical trails its great. Close to malaga city.

  • Level: for all riders.
  • Trail duration 1 to 4 minutes approx
  • vertical descent 150m

Option 5

Steep technical natural terrain situated in the natural park of the (montes de malaga)

  • Level: Hard
  • Trail duration 20 minutes
  • vertical descent: 700m

Option 6

Trails created by Loosedownhill, witch we maintain in secret to respect the protection and sustainability of its habitat.

  • Level: for all riders
  • trail duration: xxx
  • Vertical descent: xxx

Also we can take you where ever you would like to ride, if you wish to try the most famous trails around malaga.


Happy days, Greg minaar test track, morcilla bike park, sram test track, El chorro Benalmadena, torrox, el conjuro (motril)


Loosedownhill looks after the natural environment, maintaining the trails by a sustainable way and respecting with the environment.

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